Bienvivir Senior Care El Paso Texas

Bienvivir All-Inclusive Senior Health (Bienvivir) is a community-based health-care program developed to serve the frail, elderly population of El Paso. Utilizing the National Program for All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE) as the model of service, Bienvivir serves those who qualify for Medicaid and Medicare. Bienvivir provides comprehensive care at three facilities in El Paso. Each facility includes a dementia-specific day care unit to care for participants who need additional attention during the day. Bienvivir is a nonprofit organization funded by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance, and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. To learn more about Bienvivir, visit the About page.

Bienvivir Senior Care El Paso Texas
What is PACE?

PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly) is a unique program designed to help elderly members of the community remain in their homes as long as it is medically feasible. Participants enrolled in the program receive a comprehensive plan of care that is tailored to their specific needs and designed to meet the following goals:

  • Allow the participant to stay within familiar surroundings;
  • Allow the participant to maintain their dignity and autonomy; and
  • Maximize the participant’s level of social interaction, physical and cognitive function.

The PACE program offers participants an alternative to traditional residential care homes and nursing home facilities by enabling them to stay in their homes and communities while providing a full spectrum of services administered and coordinated by their Interdisciplinary Team.

How Does the PACE Program Work?

A Partnership with Families

Bienvivir is a program designed to assist families in caring for their loved ones. While Bienvivir cannot replace the fundamental need for familial engagement, it can reduce the stressors on a family when caring for a loved one. Bienvivir partners with the family to provide services to enhance the quality of life and enable an individual to continue living in their community. The key to success with the PACE Program is the commitment from both the family and Bienvivir to ensure the participant is fully cared for. Familial engagement is crucial to ensuring medication is taken, changes in behavior or well-being are documented and the care plan is communicated and followed.

Bienvivir will assist interested applicants and their family in the application process. Eligibility and acceptance are determined by the State of Texas. For more information about enrollment, visit the Eligibility page.

Individualized Care Plan

Once a participant is accepted into the PACE program, he/she is evaluated by an Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) of health care specialists, which uses that evaluation to develop an individualized care plan. The individualized care plan is a health care plan customized to meet a participant’s medical, psychosocial and functional needs.

While participants of the program are continuously monitored and cared for, the IDT meets at least every six months to re-evaluate and assess a participant’s individual care plan and adjust accordingly. By monitoring and adjusting a participant’s plan based on need and outcome, Bienvivir strives to provides the highest quality care to participants.

To learn more about the services offered by Bienvivir and the PACE program, visit the Services page.

Who We Serve

Bienvivir and the PACE Program serve the frail and elderly of the community. The program is designed to provide for all of a participant’s healthcare needs while enabling them to remain in their home and their community. Participants in the PACE Program are at least 55 years old, live within a Bienvivir service area, and have been certified by the State of Texas as needing nursing home care. To learn more about eligibility and the application process, visit the Eligibility page.

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

The services provided by Bienvivir and the PACE Program are fully covered by Medicare and Medicaid. There are no copays or out-of-pocket expenses for participants who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. A participant is required to pay a premium if:

  • He/she is not eligible for Medicaid; or
  • He/she is not eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, in which the participant will pay a premium equal to the Medicare and Medicaid premium.

All healthcare services needed by the participant, and approved by the Interdisciplinary Team, are covered by the program. Participants are responsible for the cost of unauthorized, out-of-program services. Bienvivir offers participants Medicare Part D coverage for prescription medication. Note: Participants who enroll in a separate Medicare Advantage Plan will become ineligible for continued enrollment in Bienvivir.

Bienvivir offers participants Medicare Part D coverage for prescription medication. NOTE: Participants who enroll in a separate Medicare Advantage Plan will lose enrollment in Bienvivir and the PACE Program.

Your Rights as a Participant

Click here to view the Patient’s Bill of Rights.