Bienvivir Senior Care El Paso Texas

Bienvivir has three locations in El Paso to better serve the community, with each location offering the same broad range of services and amenities. Prospective participants and their families will notice a difference in the attentive staff, the welcoming atmosphere and well-maintained facility, compared to traditional nursing home settings. Prospective participants are invited to schedule a tour at the facility that serves their zip code to experience the difference in service and care.

Bienvivir Senior Care El Paso Texas
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Service Areas

As an eligibility requirement, participants must live within the Bienvivir service areas. The three facilities serve a wide range of zip codes which are outlined below.

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Bienvivir Senior Care El Paso Texas
Bienvivir Senior Care El Paso Texas
Is Your Loved One Eligible?

It is free to submit an enrollment application for the PACE program. The services provided by Bienvivir and the PACE Program are fully covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

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