Bienvivir Senior Care El Paso Texas

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Bienvivir Senior Care El Paso Texas

El Paso's Silver Star Resource Room offers crucial support for vulnerable elderly

February 28, 2024

Adult Protective Services, together with Bienvivir, were sorting through donations on Tuesday for the El Paso APS Silver Star Resource Room, an invaluable repository of toiletries, clothing and other household goods that are available free of charge for the Borderland's elderly and disabled adults.

“We wanted to do something impactful that would directly benefit APS clients,” said Bienvivir’s Outreach Coordinator Ryan Gonzalez. “We just received a large donation of 50 boxes of adult diapers and want to keep the donation drive going strong at the start of 2024.”



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Bienvivir Senior Care El Paso Texas
Bienvivir Senior Care El Paso Texas
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