How Can I Help?

Gifts & Contributions

Your gifts and donations to Bienvivir Senior Health Services can help to provide much needed assistance to frail elders who have difficulties dealing with the life’s daily challenges. In addition, your gift will help to reduce your tax burden. What better way to ensure your legacy by assisting our organization to maintain frail elders in an independent setting as long as possible?

There are several ways that individuals and corporations can make a donation, including:

• Cash, Securities, Pledges, Planned giving, Holiday Gifts


Men, women, and teenagers who would like to improve the quality life of our frail elders are needed to volunteer their time and service. Volunteers consist of individuals from a wide range of cultural, religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds and include retirees, college and high school students, professionals and homemakers.

There are several volunteer opportunities, including:

Office Help

• Receptionist, File organizer, Typist, Data entry

Committee work

• Ethics Committee, Consumer Advisory Committee, Professional Advisory Committee

One-on-one individual work

• Escort, Companionship, Reader/Writer, Entertainment, Arts and crafts

Enjoy the rewards and personal satisfaction of helping others by volunteering your time at Bienvivir. For more information on how to become a volunteer, contact us at (915) 562-3444 or email us in Human Resources